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Magneti Marelli control units

Magneti Marelli Engine Control Units racing engine and chassis control units destinated for multicylinder engines (from 4-cylinder upto 8-cylinder engines normally aspirated or turbo, PFI or GDI injection) used in various applications of racing cars (rally, touring cars, formula cars, monomake championships, autocross etc.) and motorbikes (superbike, supersport, motocross etc.).

Magneti Marelli ECUs are delivered with generic control software and Vision (freeware version) display and setup PC tool. Generic Magneti Marelli ECUs are configurable using Vision setup tool. Connecting to the ECU via CAN or Ethernet line it is possible to display and setup all parameters and values elaborated by the ECU, open and modify parameters in the map.

All Magneti Marelli ECUs in our offer can be equipped with internal data logger. Magneti Marelli data loggers are delivered with Axon setup PC tool (freeware).

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SRA-E is the control unit with 8 on/off injector outputs and 6 inductive or logic command ignition coil drivers selectable by sw in the map file. With these features it can drive up to 8-cylinder PFI normally aspirated or turbocharged engines.

SRA-EDL8 (16) is the SRA-E modification with 8 MByte (16 MByte) internal data logger.


SRG-340 is the newly developed control unit with 4 on/off and 4 peak&hold injector outputs and 4 logic command ignition coil drivers. With these features it can drive any 4-cylinder PFI or GDI normally aspirated or turbocharged engine. With extended inputs and its lightweight motorsport enclosure it can be used for higher level 4 cylinder racing cars. SRG-340 is supplied with 128 MByte internal data logger.


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