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Magneti Marelli fuel components

Magneti Marelli fuel delivery components belong to the traditional state of the art motorsport components supplied by Magneti Marelli. With their price/performance ratio and excellent reilability they represent the best solution on the market proven in almost all motorsport categories including the highest level world championships.

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IWP injectors are the standard production components sorted and tested to reach requirements of racing applications. For their small dimensions, fast pulse response, high precision, high dynamic flow range and optimum fuel atomisation they are very popular in among the motorsport engine builders.

IWP injectors can be supplier as IWP043, IWP063, IWP069, IWP145, IWP162, IWP189.


IWPR injectors have been developed form IWP series to meet specific motorsport market requirements on cheap and reliable injector for medium and low level race injection systems. Reflecting higher requirements for more sophisticated spray shape and higher flow rate IWPR injectors are offered in several types with customized spray shape and fuel flow.

IWPR injectors can be supplied as IWPR1, IWPR2, IWPR3, IWPR5, IWPR6.


RPM is a family of cost effective constant fuel pressure regulating devices with coaxial mounting featuring fast response and very good precision. It can be mounted on the fuel rail or on the fuel tank exit.

RPM fuel pressure regulator can be supplied as RPM40, RPM58, RPM72, RPM73, RPM74. RPM version compatible with methanol fuels is available on demand.


RDI high pressure GDI fuel injectors was developed to meet the market demand for cost effective high pressure fuel injectors for high performance turbocharged GDI engines with nominal fuel pressure upto 200 Bar. Thanks to its fast response, RDI is suitable for multiple injection applications.

RDI is available in one of standard spray shapes and flow rates or can be adopted according to the customer's requirements.


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