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Power Control Systems

Power management units offered by TREMONDI can be used in stand alone mode or can be easilly integrated in various control systems. Apart of the programmable switch box fuctionality they can transmit the actual status flag and current value via CAN to the control unit and data logger. This way all electric equipment of the car supplied via power management system can be monitored in the data logger records.

Combining hardware and software overcurrent protetction, actual current measurement, inrush and low trip recognition and possibility of refusing "by button" on the road without need of exchanging the fuse when any of the channels is disconnected by any random behaviour it upgrades the electric load control to much more intelligent and robust level.

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PDU12-42 is electronic switchbox unit with 42 independently programmable switched channels. Channels are dimensioned in three different currents ratings 7,5 A / 15 A / 22,5 A. Two channels are designed to control dual speed wiper motor. In total the PDU12-42 can supply 200 A permanently.

PDU12-42 can be used in combination with Magneti Marelli ECU or with Switch Panel. Switching commands can be received via analogue inputs or via virtual CAN inputs transmitted from the Magneti Marelli ECU or from Switch Panel. It provides on CAN the state and diagnostics data of each single channel for eventual logging by some data logger.


SP-WRC2 is intelligent switch panel with backlit membrane keyboard and status R-G LEDs with configurable functions. It substitutes use of conventional switches. With all commands trasnferred to the CAN messages it simplifies significantly the wiring harness needed for controlling the electric loads in the car.

SP-WRC2 can be used with PDU12-42 or with any of the Magneti Marelli control units.

PDU custom   PDU integrated

Custom solutions of the powerbox PDU12-42 allows to the customers to use the PDU versions adopted according to the customer's requirements. The adaptations are made on the PDU enclosure and the input and output interfaces. They can be wired and this way can create a possibility to install different connectors wich can be shared with other electric circuits and components. This version of PDU usually makes a part of cost effective integrated solution of power control system.


Integrated solutions of the power control systems usually integrate the power distribution unit with the control features used by the crew in order to save costs and weight by reducing the wiring intersections and harness length between the power distribution unit and the crew command features. When supported by the membrane keyboard which reduces dramatically the wiring connection between control features and the power output channels the integration brings very good results. It is usually concentrated in the central console where (apart of steering wheel) all the control features are well accessible by the crew.