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Kokam Lithium-polymer soft packs

Soft pack 4,8 Ah   Soft pack 16 Ah
Soft pack 40 Ah   Soft pack 240 Ah

Apart of Lithium-polymer cells Kokam offers also the soft packs composed from SLPB cells. Soft pack usually contains cells connected and sticked together, isolating protection on the electric circuit with rubber caps and GF adhesive tape. Cell bodies are protected either with heatshring tube (small cells) or with plastic adhesive tape (large cells). Soft pack can be equipped according to the customer needs also with power cables, charging or diagnostic wires, temperature sensors etc.. Soft packs are made in order to keep the best possible capacity-weight or performance-weight ratio and guarantee high quality of the electrical circuit respecting the perfomance parameters of single cells used in the sof packs.

IMPORTANT! Soft pack do not contain sufficient mechanical protection thus it must be always installed in some mechanical case which has to provide protection against any possible mechanical damage. If this instruction will not be respected there is a high risk of damage of the cells contained in the soft pack or any other electrical device installed together with the battery.

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