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Parts to make you faster!  

Graphic display units - GDU's

The product line GDU TREMONDI contain compact and lightweight dashboard display unit with 4,3" amorphous color TFT diplay screen, sw configurable pages and with very fast response command to display.


Power distribution units - PDU's

TREMONDI's PDU is durable power distribution unit with 42 individually programmable power channels. It's custom from solid high quality aluminium body. 


Switch panels - SP 

Switch panel (SP) is an intelligent switch panel with backlit membrane keyboard and status R-G LEDs with configurable functions. It substitutes use of conventional switches. With all commands trasnfered to the CAN messages it simplifies significantly the wiring harness needed for controlling the electric loads in the car.


Steering wheel panels - SWP's

TREMONDI SWP's are the "hearth" of every winning race car. Ergonomics, efficiency and button/rotaries layout keeps your eye on track while providing all necessary functions. 

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Wiring harnesses 

Hyundai_BC3_looms 2.png

Design and manufacture custom wiring harnesses for every type of race car using proven Raychem technology.

ECU and DAS systems

Data loggers are delivered with Axon software setup PC tool (freeware). This tool allows individual setup of each single channel from software library delivered with the data loger.

das_box-01_XL kopie.png

LED lights and custom light ramps

XHPL spot light unit is new generation of all in one spot lighting units destinated especially for rally and similar applications. Lighting source are the high performance multichip LEDs which are the result of latest development of ligting technologies for automotive industry.



Fuel delivery components belong to the traditional state of the art motorsport components. With their price/performance ratio and excellent reliability they represent the best solution on the market proven in almost all motorsport categories including the highest level world championships.

Bosch EV14.png

Design, construction and production

Part of our production focuses on a 3D printed plastic parts (FDM, SLA) and composite shell parts (GF, CF). 

Download our product catalog. 

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