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Kokam Lithium-polymer cells

Kokam produces large scale of Lithium-polymer cells. With Kokam patented cell internal structure the Kokam produced cells belong to the largest size (both dimensions and capacities) Lithium cells.

As Kokam distributor TREMONDI can supply complete range of cells from compact series models or small and any portable devices upto unique large size cells for many possible applications mainly dedicated for transportation, industrial and energy production and storage purposes.

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Compact cells HED   Compact cells HP

Compact High Energy Density cells are small size cells in industrial scale. Design of these cells is adopted to provide maximum energy density per kilogram in this class. Thanks to this feature the cells add minimum weight to any portable device. With no memory efect they have singnificantly longer lifetime than lead acid, gel based or Nickel based (NiCd, NiMH) batteries usually used in these devices.

With capacities upto 20 Ah these cells are suitable for many applications of portable electric and electronic devices in many professional areas (IT, telecomunications, medical, military, aviation, navigation, radio comunication, instrumentation, laboratory devices etc.).


Compact High Power cells are the representants of the latest development of RC model lithium batteries with capacities upto 10 Ah. Another group of High Power Compact cells are current reinforced HED compact cells in order to supply significantly higher currents comparing to the HED models (capacities upto 20 Ah).

These cells are destinated for any application where an extreme power from very low weight battery is required (they can supply upto 35C permanently and 50C in peak below 10s). They are used mainly in the professional RC models and vehicle KERS or ERS sytems either in racing cars or in high performance road cars.

Large cells HED   Large cells HP

Large High Energy Density cells with capacities from 20 Ah upto 240 Ah are the genuine Kokam products with the maximum energy density per kilogram on the market. These cells are mainly used for static applications of whichever energy storage systems where the maximum energy in minimum space is needed to be stored in very reliable and effective way.

These cells can be used as emergency power supply batteries, energy storage system for fotovoltaic power plants, large scale energy backup systems in electric power distribution, backup electric supply in facilities where the continuity of electric energy supply is crucial.


Large High Power cells are the genuine Kokam products with amazing absolute power supply values. With capacities from 20 Ah upto 200 Ah and current supply upto 600 A permanenty or 1000 A in peaks below 10s these cells represent absolute top products on Lithium-Ion battery market.

With such performance these cells are mainly suitable for applications in electric and hybrid vehicles of any size starting from electric bikes, scooters and motorbikes upto high performance electric cars or large scale transport vehicles (trucks, busses trains etc.) as well as many specific industrial transport or manipulation vehicles.