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Winning means
being faster

Be faster with high-quality TREMONDI motorsport

parts designed and made in Czech republic. 

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Custom production

Made in EU 

Self-developed products


What we offer 

High quality motorsport parts made to support you success.

We develop all electronic equipment for racing cars and offer customized solutions for each customer from design to production.

Why Choose TREMONDI Motorsport


25 years of 

Experience is what we value and our products are the result of 20+ years of experience in prodcution and development of the premium automotive and motorsport parts. 


Top notch 

Our customer support is available 24/7 to support you and your success. 


Own research and 

None of our products are a copies. We prefer to spend countless hours on development and bring our customers always somethign extra with our custom made parts. 


Skilled personel at 

Over 20 years of experience have payed off on a level of technical experience and skills during assembly of our products. 



Cooperation on WRC, TCR, R5 and Rally2 projects. In the cars of these champions you can see TREMONDI equipment from steering wheel panels, switch panels, graphic displays to car wiring harnesses and modified OEM parts.
We were involved in the project named Nathalie, where our task was to design and manufacture a battery for this hydrogen-electric hybrid sports car powered by methanol. We completed our mission with the successful implementation of a battery  based on the KOKAM battery cel. 
By co-operating with our Austrian friends we are participate in a new era of electric racing. We are pleased that these leaders on the electric field have chosen our steering wheels and switchpanels.
Choose TREMONDI products for his Polo GTI R5. For this car we supplied the steering wheel panel, switch panel and LED spot light ramp.
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We designed and supplied most of the electronic parts for Škoda S2000.
Such as the central console and  switchpanel TREMONDI. On this car you can see also TREMODNI looms, sensors and additional spotlights.
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